Roger Federer Aimed over Laver Cup

Ulrich Klauss, German Tennis Boss, has admitted his dislike for the Laver Cup. Laver Cup, the brainchild of Roger Federer, was introduced to honour the Australian Tennis Legend Rod Laver. Packed with all star players, Team Europe and Team World clash against each other over a three day exhibition event. Last week Roger Federer led his Team Europe to victory in the second annual Laver Cup. But ever  since the victory the concept has been under fire,

The addition is simply unnecessary  to the already busy schedules, says Klauss. “We do not need even more competitions”, said Klauss to a German publication this Tuesday. He further added that with so many events now the event does not provide any favours. He also said that the players cannot do everything that falls in their already busy schedules. While not mentioning any directs to Federer, the comments are not expected to be welcomed by the Swiss Maestro.

Recently, Federer has also conceded the fact that players in the Laver Cup were facing busy schedules falling at the backend of season. But he also admired the way players from around the globe were coping the schedule pressures and were performing their best.

The 20-time Grand Slam Champion quoted that one is not sure about how well the ticket sales are going to be for the first year. One is also not sure about how to embrace the format and how well the players are going to play but he had a thought that the players will not have to work that hard for their matches.

He also added that though being a super-intense event it takes only three days and it happens only once a year. So it gave him the feeling that the concept would really resonate with everybody getting into the event be pumped and feel happy about the same.

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