Must Watch 5 Movie Releases

The year 2018 has seen some big releases delivering the much expected entertainment. And as the last phase of the year beings to make its mark, Hollywood is yet prepared to enchant viewers with some stunning storylines, action and memorable experiences. The month of September – October also marks the beginning of the holiday season wherein people expect bonanza from the entertainment industry. So, below we list out five of the must watch movie list which viewers will be pleased to watch –

Movie – A Star is Born
Director – Bradley Cooper

Genre – Drama, Musical, Romance

Plot Synopsis – Even as alcoholism and age tears down a musician, he helps find a struggling singer and actress find her way to success. Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) is a seasoned musician who discovers and falls in love with a struggling actress Ally (Gaga). Ally has almost given up on her dreams to make it as a big singer. Jack helps her to step into the spotlight and it is then when Ally’s career takes off. But as Ally rides on the success wagon their relationship tends to break as Jack struggles a battle with his own internal demons.

Movie – Venom
Director – Ruben Fleischer

Genre – Action, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi

Plot Synopsis – The famous comic character Venom is now introduced in a new action thriller that best showcases his wild alien affects. Journalist, Edie Brock is on his quest to bring down the notorious Carlton Drake who is also the brilliant founder of the Life Foundation. When Brock investigates Drake’s experiments his body merges with the Alien Venom. The merge leaves Brock with superhuman strength and power. Twisted with darkness and rage venom tries controlling the new and dangerous abilities that is intoxicating to Edie Brock. With Venom becoming his alter-ego, Edie needs to fight it in order to save his life.

Movie – Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
Director – Ari Sandel

Genre – Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Family

Plot Synopsis – Goosebumps 2 will take viewers to another round on comedy adventure based on R.L. Stine’s best selling series. The film revolves around the evil Ventriloquist’s dummy, Slappy, who’s hell bent jump started the Halloween apocalypse. Before he ruins the Halloween for good the three friends has to stop stuffed villain. How the three friends face the dummy and destroy his plan for saving their Halloween provides a roller coaster ride that is sure to make this Halloween a special experience.

Movie – The Kindergarten Teacher
Director – Sara Colangelo

Genre – Drama

Plot Synopsis – Starring Maggie Gyllenthat as the title figure playing the role of a dissatisfied working mother and wife. Being an artistic aspirant she discovers sources of poetic prodigy in one of her 5 yr old student. With enthusiasm converting into obsession she begins to cross lines of accepted professional behavior. The character reveals both a zealous mentor as well as a person who poses a real life threat to the child.

Movie – First Man
Director – Damien Chazelle

Genre – Biography, Drama, History

Plot Synopsis – Among all the prevailing human history the one that definitely needed a screen is that of Neil Armstrong. Though the event has been documented in a number of formats, the movie First Man will definitely put the truth of achievement finally before the world. The plot explores the costs and sacrifices on the Nation and Neil himself. Experience the real story behind the most memorable journey of human achievement.

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