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5 Habits to Change and Enhance Your Immune System

As hot months are rolling down, and we wait for the fall to begin, let’s feel and cherish all the lovely things it is going to unleash upon us.  It is the ripe time of the year for participating in the festivity of nature and not just merely counting on that Halloween thing. Yes, onset of autumn is celebrated with food and drink, be it the popular festival of Apple Harvest in Arendtsville & Biglerville (Pennsylvania) or Santa Wine and Chile Fiesta in Santa Fe. In both the occasions, you get to taste the best small town culinary, from sweet fresh cider juice, apple dumpling and flavoring to piquant chicken tacos to spicy Santa Fe sauce. But before you actually disappear in the colourful festivals, prepare your immune system to avoid sickness that this cold season comes along with it.

1 Get Restful Sleep

Today’s hectic life schedules have made us so very busy that we often complain about not getting enough rest. As a result, we develop various health disorders. Studies also show that most of our illnesses, including heart stroke, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are caused due to inapt body rest.  So, no more excuses. If we really want to live healthy, we should change our sleeping habits. Fix your time to go to sleep and wake up per day. And maintain the same even in the weekends. Doing this, we will build strong napping desire required for deep sleep. A power nap helps maintain good cytokine stores that further aid in boosting alertness, thereby ensuring mental well-being. Cykotines are proteins/peptides that regulate immunity, inflammation and blood formation in the body. So, try to take your beauty sleep always and stay away from getting sick.

2 Healthy Vitamin D Intakes

Most of us think that V-D means taking pills. No, it is also naturally present in the form of Sunlight. Low Vitamin D level in the body causes weak and painful muscles, bones as well as back. Those who lack it get tired quick and sick often. And the best way to get it correct is in the nature itself. Just by taking 20-30 minutes sun shine every day we can easily get our daily dose without any over-the-counter dose. The famous Bacardi summer dreaming song lines “dancing in the morning sun” quite speaks about summer sun bath that enliven lives of people, young or old.

3 Mushroom Therapy

‘Shrooms as we know not only tastes better but form a highly nutritious diet. Rich in nutrients such as potassium, Vitamins B/C/D, folate, antioxidants and fibre take care of our health. The potent mineral named selenium helps improve immune response to fight infectious agents by triggering production of T cells. Also, mushrooms have beta glucan fibres in its cell walls that boost immune system function to resist cancer cells and prevent formation of tumors. Hence people are advised to include this in their daily diet and boost immunity. The spray bottle available in stores also makes alternative immune support to combat flu and inflammations.

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4 Destress 

We all know that stress is unavoidable yet still it can be reduced practicing a healthy lifestyle. This medical issue if not resolved on time then it may increase one’s health risks. It is also said that chronic stresses weaken immune system by stimulating cortisol hormone that suppresses body’s resistance power against infectious agents. Physical exercises such as Yoga helps a lot in reducing stress factors that affect our health as well as well-being. Hence with regular workout and healthy food habits, stress level can become normal to a considerable extent that perhaps can help you brainstorm ideas to take best care of your immune health.

5 Cutr Down dinking

Yes, you read it right. Booze less as it lowers immune response for almost 24 hours after consumption, increasing chances of getting illnesses. Recent research also shows that consistent usage of alcohol causes respiratory illnesses so be careful and take not more than one drink at your next happy hour. However, we often forget to say no to a glass of wine for our society has become so drinking centric. But at the end it is solely upon us to have it or not. Cutting down on booze intakes will help lower your risk for immune system failure. Next time you go out for boozing with friends, just try taking one cocktail and enjoy your circle more.

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