Sleepy Halloween, NY – Enjoy This Festival With Your Friends

Every year october alarms the homecoming call for the Sleepy Hollow reminding people of the famed Washington Irvin’s timeless legend – the Headless Horseman. The sleepy Hollow Halloween brings a month long run that takes over the town with livemusic, Haunted Hayrides, parades and streetfairs. The celebration also includes the spooky lantern guide tours to the Sleepy Hollow cemetry. It is well known and famed as Irvin’s resting place and is also well known for vampire Barnabas Collins crypt. Stopping by the Gothic Revival Lyndhurst Castle will provide tourists the chills of visiting Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities. Here, the castle dwellers take guests on tour of the famed estate where they meet some famous spirits that includes Wicked Witch of the West, Maleficent, Henry VII and Dracula.


One of prime attration of the Sleepy Hollow is the evening lantern tour of the final resting place of author Washington Irvin. The evening lantern tours provides people the chance to creep through the winding roads and creepy soaring monuments peeking through the shadows of night. For those remembring the Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, they also have the chance of getting the chills of entering the crypt of vampire Barnabas Collins. Likely, people also have a chance of visiting the Revolutionary War Militia Captain, the notorious counterfeiter, a noted spiritualist, industrialists William Rockfeller and Andrew Carnegie and similar others.

Emergence of Halloween as a cultural mainstay has proved being a testament of fun, freewheeling the spirit of the holiday. Halloween, across cities and countries, celebrates the ghoul and ghost season through festivals where people find surprising pageants of costumes, spooky rituals and haunted tours. Via the Halloween celebrations, people summon the spirits, raise a pint to haunted night shadows and enjoy the deling of the nation playing dress up for the day.

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