2018 E! People’s Choice Award

People waiting for the 2018 E! People’s Choice Award can now vote for their favorite movies. E! have recently issued their list of nominees for the first telecast of their E! People’s Choice Award.  Fans can vote in a whopping 42 categories for which the five finalist will be revealed on 24th September.  Then again the voting will be opened for its second round. Popularly, the PCAs is the only live show that is dubbed as being by the people and for the people. With its new home in the E! it definitely will be grabbing fan attention who would be expecting some extra flares for the glory.

The Award grabs attention as being directly nominated by the people. The show annually held since 1975 is also honored by major critique and film makers. Winning the People’s Choice Award recognizes the people and the popular work culture. The all new revamped award show will be aired on Nov’11 2018. The show has been scheduled for the telecast on 17 different international channels that will be reaching 153 countries across the globe in 24 different languages. The move is expected to make the award show more of unique and popular among its fans.

People Choice Award

Be sure to make your voice count by voting your favorite nominees. The award is known to empower the general public to vote their favorites and make them receive awards for their popularity. The categories have varied over the years and with the number being 42 this year fans are expected to detail their choices in a much better manner. Additionally, the voting will count for double until the window closes down.  So, don’t waste any more time and keep yourself engaged with the voting for watching your favorites win the prestigious People’s Choice Award.

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