Mastering Grammar Rules for ACT English Section – College Admissions

Mastering Grammar

Grammar may appear a dreaded subject for many students but it constitutes being the central portion of ACT English. The section score for Standard English Convention accounts for 51-56 percent against 29-32 percent for writing production and 13-19 percent for language knowledge. Students preparing for the ACT need to pay special attention to a number of grammar rules for best results. Below we outline four major grammar areas which the students need to fully understand for successfully completing the ACT English section. Consistence verb tense – In an ACT passage…

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Importance of Education in Life and Society – Expand Reviews


Humans crave to know and learn things better has enabled them to come a long way over time. With knowledge gain, they stand strong and united as society / nation. Our civilization, be it ancient or modern, makes us socially progressive. We have only gained through learning and not lost anything. Present world marks human achievements across the sectors. As such, education has refined the lives of people in many ways. To understand education role in our life and society, let us read the following. Knowledge Removes Ignorance in Society…

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